New challange starts on Monday

On Monday I will start my new job as head of the MTT team at Swiss Railways IT department.

What’s MTT?

  • MTT is the abbreviation for Methodology, Technology and Tools.
  • Goal of this group is to provide coaching, training and tool support in any discipline of the hole software development life cycle.

Why should projects work together with MTT?

  • MTT will help projects to avoid spending time with basic tasks like configuration and build management setup, tool evaluation and process design.
  • MTT will create processes, templates, best practices and most important connect people.

How can MTT connect people?

  • Because the team of MTT knows a lot of people at Swiss Railway and knows about their skills, MTT is able to bring specialists together to solve the problems in a project.
  • MTT will try to enthuse people for the spirit of MTT. Only if people can see and feel the advantage MTT will succeed!

There will be a lot of hard work and I hope to achieve my aim!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

And if you have a similar function in your company it would be great to share your experience and to exchange best practices, processes etc.