Simon @ Jazoon #1

This week I’ll be at Jazoon in Zurich.

Yesterday (Monday) I was on a tutorial about Glassfish and I was very impressed about this application server. Currently I think, that Glassfish is the most innovative Java EE server on the market.
On Thursday I will visit a session of Adam Bien about Glassfish. More about it then.

Today (Tuesday) there was an opening session with three very interesting key notes. In the first one Martin Odersky held a speech about his programing language Scala. It’s a very interesting but in my opinion very academic approach to use Java more dynamic.

In the second key note Simon Phipps form Sun talked about how Java became open source and the benefits of open source software in the hole. This was really a good speech!

The third and last speech was held by Rod Johnson founder of SpringSource (formerly Interface21) and the man behind Spring Framework.
I was a big fan of Spring Framework since 2005. “Was” because in my opinion SpringSource is moving from a very innovative startup building a great framework to a normal application server vendor.
Rod talked about Java EE 6 profile capability. There are three possible profiles:

  • A: Webcontainer eg. Tomcat
  • B: Webcontainer plus JPA, JTA, JSF and some more eg. SpringSource Application Platform or JBoss Seam
  • C: fully featured application server eg. Glassfish

The confusion for me is in the fact, that Rod sayes EJB is useless (he always said that and with EJB 2.1 and earlier I totally agreed!) but in contrast the SpringSource Application Platform uses also a sort of component container: Spring BeanFactory.
Why not use the “standard” component model of Java EE: EJB 3.x?

Comparing SpringSource Application Platform as a member of Profile B to Glassfish as a member of Profile C I think that Glassfish is the better choice. Even if you don’t use all the features that comes with it – you will have it on board. Addional to that the newest version of Glassfish is embeddable and it starts very fast.

So I’m curios about the future of Spring and EJB 3.x. Maybe one day they will come together…