Simon @ Jazoon #2

Yesterday the program at Jazoon was quite ok. Ted Neward held a keynote about “Rethinking Enterprise”. He’s a great speaker the speech was very enjoyable. The many message was that most people are using some sort of pattern to match new requirements (eg. to a software architecture) with known cases. It would be better to have a higher view to the problem and then to try choosing the appropriate solution.

Then Juergen Hoeller presented the new features of Spring 2.5. In short the main advantage of this release is that you no longer need any XML configuration file. One can do all the config stuff using annotations. (And yes, they do support the common annotations of Java EE!)

Today the keynote was presented by Joshua Bloch. He has finished his new Effective Java Book and talked about wildcards in generics and the correct use of enumerations.
After that Dan Allen held a speech about bijection in JBoss Seam. Very interesting extension of the common dependency injection pattern.

The last session I went in was Adam Biens speech about Glassfish. I must say that from day to day I like Glassfish more, because it’s very simple to use and the deployment is quite very fast.

In conclusion this years Jazoon was better than the one last year, but there is a long way to reach the quality of a conference like JAX! But hopefully I’ll be there next year…