Two Weeks with NetBeans 6.7

Because of Adam Biens Java EE patterns and best practices project on Kenai i started to use NetBeans 6.7.

In earlier days I had a bad impression of NetBeans. I thought it was slow and so completely different compared to Eclipse. Maybe it was my age making it harder to switch from on IDE to another 😉

Now I started a new project and decided to use NetBeans and Maven2. I used it very extensively during the last weeks.

And I’m impressed! The integration of Maven2 in NetBeans is really great! It doesn’t create additional project configuration it simply uses the pom.xml!

On the other hand I mostly used JUDE UML for UML modeling. But with NetBeans it’s no longer necessary to use an external tool because there is an UML plugin that really works! Even the synchronization with the source code is not to bad.

Compared with Eclipse NetBeans feels like an Integrated Development Environment and not like a platform with some plugins in it.

After this time with NetBeans I will go one working with it. But I will use Eclipse for my “legacy” code.