Google I/O: App Engine, VMware, SQL

In my opinion today at Google I/O two incredible announcements were made.

1. Google and VMware are working together on a PaaS clound:

Until yesterday I was sure that Java EE 6 will kill Spring Framework in the next few years, but now we have a clear statement for a PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud based on Spring Framework. In contrast there is no PaaS solution based on Java EE 6. This will make Spring Framework more popular again!

2. Google App Engine Business

Google announced a business version of their app engine. This is not very revolutionary on a first view, but they will add SQL database support to the business app engine. This will make it possible to port existing applications to the app engine. Which was till now nearly impossible because one had to use BigTable and a migration from RDBMS to BigTable is a complete refactoring.

Spring and SQL DB in the Google app engine will make the killer platform for a lot of applications at a very low cost. I’m curios what the reaction of Oracle, IBM, RedHat/JBoss will be…