Learning JavaScript and ROCA

Currently I’m learning JavaScript and HTML5. Why you may ask. Because I think that it is the only right way to create web applications.

For years I developed web applications with frameworks like JSP, Struts, JSF, PHP or ASP.NET. And all these frameworks are generating HTML code on the server.

With JSF you have a lot of component frameworks like PrimeFaces, RichFaces etc. hiding the JavaScript stuff behind a more or less simple programming model. But is that the way to do it?

I think no. If you want to create responsive web applications you must develop on the client side. And the client side means HTML and JavaScript.

When we look at Java EE or other server side frameworks we will find the perfect server interface for such applications: REST with JSON. So there is no need to do any conversion on the client side.

When I was think about my ideas and developing a sample application one of my colleagues pointed me on ROCA. And I completely agree with all recommendations! So have a look: http://roca-style.org/