Migrating JTAF to JavaScript and REST

17 years ago I developed the first version of JTAF. Java Track And Field is an administration tool for track and field competitions. The Turnverein Erlach organizes every year a kids track and field competition and we have 2 to 3 CIS (Concours Intersection) also competitions for kids every year.

The first version of JTAF was an Excel app with VBA. After a few years JTAF was migrated to Access 2.0 and when I started the first Eclipse RCP application in 2005 at Swiss Railways I decided to do a complete redesign of JTAF using Eclipse RCP. See
JTAF is currently a single user application. All data is stored in an XML file. But if the competitions are growing we need multi user capabilities. Therefore I decided to do a compete redesign of JTAF.
I will use JavaScript/HTML5 on the client side and on the server side Java EE 6 with a REST interface that provides access to the date and consumes and produces JSON.
I think this architecture is the future architecture of all web based – and when we look at Windows 8 – also desktop based client applications.
If you like to see the progress of the development feel free to clone the Git repository: https://github.com/simasch/jtaf
If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the architecture please ask. 
Btw. I don’t care about browser backward compatibility because I think that these days and also in the near future it is mandatory to use the newest browsers. I personally prefer Chrome because it implements the most HTML5 features. See: http://html5test.com/
I will post regularly about the progress of JTAF. Stay tuned!