Do you really need Hibernate? @ Spring I/O 2023 Barcelona

By Simon Martinelli
18.05.2023 - 19.05.2023

Hibernate is often used without thinking twice. But is that the best solution in all cases? This talk shows another possibility that can lead to better performance in many cases.

Projects often use Java Persistence API (JPA) by default and, thus, mostly Hibernate. But do all applications need a comprehensive object/relational mapping (ORM) with all conceivable functions?

This talk examines the architecture of database-centric applications and discusses whether you always need an object graph for persistence.

Using an example application, it is shown how pure SQL, with the help of jOOQ and (nested) Java Records simplifies data access and how common ORM problems, such as the n+1 select problem, can be avoided. Finally, the possibility of combining jOOQ and JPA/Hibernate and thus using the best of both worlds is discussed.

Simon Martinelli
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