Efficient Full-Stack Development with Java @ XtremeJ 2024


Single Page Applications (SPA) have become the quasi-standard in the development of web applications today. Angular, React, and Vue.js are the most well-known representatives of this category of web frameworks. For Java developers, however, this means learning a new programming language and finding a completely foreign build environment with its ecosystem, which can often be more difficult. Are there alternatives? Vaadin is an established web framework that allows web applications to be developed entirely in Java but recently also supported a classic SPA approach. First, the new architecture of Vaadin, which is no longer based on GWT but WebComponents, is explained and presented in action in the live demo. Finally, Vaadin will be compared to Hilla and Thymeleaf with HTMX, which are also easy-to-use full-stack frameworks.


Simon Martinelli
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