Java Full-Stack Development With Vaadin @ Zurich



Single Page Applications (SPA) have become a quasi-standard in the development of web applications. Angular, React, and Vue are the best-known representatives from this category of web frameworks. But does this client architecture fit every use case? Or are there alternatives that might be a better fit and less time-consuming to develop?

Vaadin is a proven web application framework with a long history and was overhauled four years ago.
The latest version is based on a modern architecture with web components. It allows web applications to be developed entirely in Java.


  • Architecture and concepts from Vaadin
  • Spring Boot integration
  • Routing
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Form and data binding
  • Grids and data providers
  • Theming
  • I18N
  • Push

We will put the theory into practice using an example application.


Participants understand the concepts of Vaadin and can develop effective and attractive full-stack Java applications using the Vaadin Framework. The workshop is aimed at all Java developers interested in modern web applications.


Java knowledge


  • Up-to-date IDE
  • Latest Java version
  • Notebook with internet access

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