Type-Safe SQL with jOOQ on SkySQL @ MariaDB Webinar 2022


Accessing SQL databases from Java applications using JDBC is simple. However, since you have to use Strings, errors in queries are often recognized only at runtime. jOOQ is a Java persistence framework that solves this and other related problems. jOOQ consists of a code generator and a Java API that make it easy to access the database in a type-safe manner.

MariaDB Enterprise is a production-grade open source SQL database. And SkySQL is the first and only database-as-a-service to bring the full power of MariaDB Enterprise to the cloud, combining powerful features and world-class support with unrivaled ease of use and groundbreaking innovation.

In this webinar, Java, performance optimization and application integration expert Simon Martinelli leverages SkySQL to showcase jOOQ in action in an open source project, and demonstrates how to automate database migration and testing with the Flyway migration tool and test containers.


Simon Martinelli
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