Who Needs Hibernate When There Is SQL? @ Devoxx Belgium 2023


SQL was never meant to be abstracted. To be confined in the narrow boundaries of heavy mappers, hiding the beauty and simplicity of relational data. SQL was never meant to be object-oriented. SQL was never meant to be anything other than… SQL! – Lukas Eder, the creator of jOOQ.

In this session, we will explore the best way to use the power of SQL in Java applications. While JPA/Hibernate is a popular choice, it is essential to critically evaluate other frameworks like jOOQ, which, in many scenarios, can offer a superior fit.

Join me in this deep dive as we efficiently utilize jOOQ with Spring Boot, Flyway, and Testcontainers to access SQL databases seamlessly. Throughout the session, you will gain practical knowledge on:

  • Setting up jOOQ with Spring Boot or Quarkus, Flyway, and Testcontainers
  • Leveraging the jOOQ DSL for building SQL queries effortlessly
  • Generating the metamodel for writing type-safe queries, ensuring robustness
  • Executing queries and effectively processing results, including handling nested Java Records and multisets
  • Leveraging stored procedures and functions within your application
  • Incorporating transactions to maintain data integrity
  • Unveiling the mechanics of jOOQ’s Spring Boot auto-configuration
  • Exploring the seamless integration of jOOQ with JPA, combining the best of both worlds

Unlock the full potential of SQL integration in Java by embracing jOOQ, a framework designed to unleash relational data’s true power and elegance. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your database access skills.


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