Workshop: Efficient Data Access with jOOQ @ Spring I/O 2023 Barcelona

By Simon Martinelli
17.05.2023 - 17.05.2023

SQL was never meant to be abstracted. To be confined in the narrow boundaries of heavy mappers, hiding the beauty and simplicity of relational data. SQL was never meant to be object-oriented. SQL was never meant to be anything other than… SQL! – Lukas Eder the creator of jOOQ.

What’s the best way to use SQL with Java? Often JPA/Hibernate is used without rethinking the choice. But there are other frameworks like jOOQ that, in many situations, may be a better fit.

This workshop will teach you how to use jOOQ with Spring Boot, Flyway, and Testcontainers to access SQL databases efficiently.


After a quick start, the workshop will do a deep-dive into the features of jOOQ and the integration with Spring Boot and how to use it in combination with JPA

  1. Setting up jOOQ, Spring Boot, Flyway, and Testcontainers
  2. How to use the jOOQ DSL for SQL building
  3. Generating the metamodel for writing type-safe queries
  4. Execute queries and process results, including nested Java Records and multisets
  5. Call stored procedures and use functions
  6. Use transactions
  7. How does the jOOQ Spring Boot auto-configuration work
  8. Use the best of both worlds. How to integrate jOOQ with JPA

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